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Introduction of “Walk Analysis Camera” and “Time Measuring Control System”
- Supporting Unique ASICS Program, “Dual Spark”

Walking Exercise CornerWalking Exercise Corner

ASICS JAPAN Corp. has been expanding their new business, “Tryus,” which specializes in motor function exercises for senior citizens. This program measures physical fitness by analyzing participants’ walking habits. To help with this, Tryus has adopted Totsu’s “Walk Analysis Camera” and “Time Measuring Control System.”


●Quantification of physical functions, such as walking speed, etc., to create individual exercise programs

Walk Analysis CameraWalk Analysis Camera

The main target market of Tryus is the elderly who need comparatively minor care. What makes Tryus stand out is the way it precisely measures and quantifies physical functions, such as walking speed. This feature is rarely seen in other facilities providing motor function exercises.

We have introduced the Time Measuring Control System for athletes to the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. This system quantifies physical functions, such as walking speed and grip strength, and helps create individually customized exercise programs. Data, such as training history and results, can be easily accessed through chip cards. Since this information can be accessed quickly and accurately, Tryus can create the best training programs for each individual. Additionally, physical tests can be conducted every three months to update the programs with the most recent results.

Key Points for System Selection

●Automatic sensor-controlled system and time display

For Tryus, simplicity and safety are essential when measuring physical functions. Regarding the walking exercise corner, we were further required to provide a system with various control functions that is compact, storable, low-cost, and capable of saving images.
All of these conditions were met by the control system for the Walk Analysis Camera, which we recently introduced. Sensors in the handrail poles automatically record the movement of users, and a large time display is linked to these sensors to indicate the number of seconds of exercise. Moreover, videos stored in a MicroSD card can be saved and managed in a PC.

Sensor (Left) Time Display (Right)Sensor (Left)                  Time Display (Right)

What is “Dual Spark”?

●Unique exercise program making use of ASICS’s knowledge

“Dual Spark” is a distinctive exercise program that draws on ASICS’s knowledge and is effective for both mental and physical health. Going beyond regular machine training that improves motor functions, this program incorporates other tasks being performed simultaneously: walking while counting numbers, or talking about a specific topic while doing rhythmic exercises, for example. This vitalizes both mind and body, which ultimately leads to improvement of vital functions.

Group conversation while doing rhythmic exercisesGroup conversation while doing rhythmic exercises

Dual SparkDual Spark

Health and Welfare as a New Growing Business

●Concept of “Healthy Life Years” in 2020

ASICS JAPAN Corp. is aiming to expand its business to Kansai and the greater Tokyo area by 2020. With Japan’s aging society in mind, ASICS has positioned Health and Welfare as one of its new business fields. ASICS aims to leverage the technology it has acquired from its experience in the sports industry to bolster this new field. Statistics show that in 2020, when Tokyo hosts the Olympic games, those at the age of 65 and over will make up 25% of the population of Tokyo, 40% of whom will be over 70. Furthermore, it has been estimated that those aged 65 and over will account for 29.1% of Japan’s population in 2020; by 2030, it will have increased to 31.6%. In these circumstances, the concept of “healthy life years” is gaining prominence, and ASICS is enthusiastic to expand the “Tryus Project.” Business operations in the field of functional training are the main pillar of the “Health and Comfort” business domain, as stipulated in the basic strategy of the mid-term business plan “ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2015.” Utilizing its existing sports knowledge, this is a new, growing business area that ASICS is focusing on to help its users achieve better health and comfort in their lives.

Tryus Locations

Tryus Nishinomiya
Tryus Nishinomiya
Tryus Ashiya
Tryus Ashiya
Tryus Kobe-Nishi
Tryus Kobe-Nishi
Tryus Amagasaki
Tryus Amagasaki
Tryus Itami
Tryus Itami

Future Prospects

●Aiming to provide reliable support

We participated in the “Tryus Project” of ASICS JAPAN Corp. from the initial planning stages. From the very first Kansai launch in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, in September 2014, and throughout 2015, we helped develop five centers in Kansai. We will continue to support the “Tryus Project” as they develop and expand in the future.

Photos: ASICS JAPAN Corp. and Totsu Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Reproduction or use of the photographs is prohibited.)

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