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Nihon Pharmaceutical University

Kampo Museum (Chinese Herbal Medicine Museum) reopens, featuring the first use of LinkRay Light ID technology in the field of education

Kampo Museum Commemorative for Takeatsu Kimura Kampo Museum Commemorative for Takeatsu Kimura


Nihon Pharmaceutical University’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences established Japan’s first degree program in Kampo (traditional Chinese medicine). This department has been engaged in the development of pharmaceutical sciences using its own approach. On the campus is the Kampo Museum, which exhibits a variety of herbal medicine samples, as well as materials regarding Western and Kampo medicine. As a part of the museum’s renovation and reopening to the public, we proposed an innovative concept utilizing new technology for the museum.



In the course of adding display fixtures (glass cases, showcases, book storages, etc.), we were requested to “try something new.” In response, we introduced a system using LinkRay, Panasonic’s Light ID technology. LinkRay allows smartphone cameras to receive information sent by LED light sources, common in cities or homes. The display cases in the museum are equipped with LED lighting. When visitors come within range of the light, explanatory descriptions and images of the exhibits will be automatically displayed on their smartphones or tablets. This helps visitors understand and learn more details about the material on display. It is also possible to look over the information again later, away from the museum.

Kampo Museum Commemorative for Takeatsu Kimura

Install the dedicated app on a smartphone before exploring the museum Install the dedicated app on a smartphone before exploring the museum

Instantly shows detailed information on the smartphone Instantly shows detailed information on the smartphone


◆Comparison of Technologies

Other ID integration technologies pose certain problems. For example, BLE (iBeacon) occasionally has trouble identifying the source of information if there are several transmitters nearby, and QR codes cannot be recognized unless smartphone users get close to them. However, LinkRay’s Light ID transmission feature enables the quick reception of information by simply pointing a smartphone towards the LED lights. Even if the place is crowded, it does not affect the reception. For those reasons, LinkRay was adopted.


Light ID modulator Light ID modulator - Transmit modulation patterns from LED light sources as digital data


For the content for the exhibits, we started by taking pictures of the various items on display. We made sure to take high-resolution photos, so visitors can see the details clearly, even when zooming in on their smartphones. By using Light ID technology, it is now much easier to appreciate the minute details of the images on display. This helps visitors connect with valuable historical materials to learn about the rich history of Kampo, as well as the accumulated efforts of the pioneers in this field.




Message from Mr. Shinji Funayama, Curator of Kampo Museum Commemorative for Takeatsu Kimura:
In general, many Kampo materials are difficult to understand from exhibited documents alone. However, through the introduction of this new system, I expect that students will have a greater comprehension of the exhibits. I am also grateful that the public can also become more familiar with Kampo Shinji Funayama, Professor / Branch Manager Hikawa, Sales Department.











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