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The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The brand new Marunouchi Nijubashi Building in one of the most prestigious locations in Tokyo, now installed with our latest audiovisual equipment.

Grand Hall  Theater StyleGrand Hall  Theater Style


Marunouchi Nijubashi Building, which is the new office of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was opened in November 2018. It is in a beautiful location, overlooking the Imperial Palace moat and outer garden. Additionally, the building’s lower floors directly connect to the subway, making it very convenient for guests. For the opening of the building, we installed the following equipment:


♦Tosho Grand Hall
The Grand Hall is primarily used as a rental hall for lectures and other events. You can choose the hall arrangement: “school-style” with desks and chairs or “theater-style” with an auto rollback chair stand (electromotive retractable seating) which can accommodate 500 people. The hall has a 300-inch screen and 2 video projectors with 20,000 lumens for incredible brightness, which enable video projection in accordance with any meeting layout. Additionally, it is also equipped with a simultaneous interpretation system, supporting infrared receivers for multilingual use. Holding meetings in multiple rooms is also possible through a system which shares audio/visual feeds between meeting rooms.

Grand Hall  School StyleGrand Hall  School Style

AV Control Desk and Control RoomAV Control Desk and Control RoomAV Control Desk and Control Room


◆Small to Medium Rental Meeting Rooms (8 rooms in total)
Each of the meeting rooms is equipped with a screen, a video projector, a microphone system, etc., and they are operable with a touch panel in the AV wagon or a wireless iPad.
The equipped devices can be further adjusted individually or as a group, in accordance with your meeting layout needs.

Room A1 (Classroom Type)Room A1 (Classroom Type)

Room A3-5 (Rectangular Layout)Room A3-5 (Rectangular Layout)

For a wide variety of uses, such as internal meetings, seminars/lectures, briefings, and even parties.

Small to Medium Rental Meeting Rooms

AV Rack-1    AV Rack-2AV Rack


◆Digital Signage
We have installed a 4 screen multi-monitor and a pillar display at the entrance on the 1st floor, as well as digital signage at the reception and elevator halls, and in front of meeting rooms. Using these signs, guests can get information quickly and conveniently.

Entrance on the 1st floorEntrance on the 1st floor

Exhibition CornerExhibition Corner

Display in front of meeting rooms    elevator hallDisplay in front of meeting rooms and in the elevator hall



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The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall & Conference Room

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