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Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Osaka Head Office)

Installed the latest audio-visual systems as a part of a large-scale renovation, helping to preserve the symbol of Osaka.

After renovation in 2015After renovation in 2015

The Osaka Head Office of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation is a historical building constructed in 1926. Although there were plans to demolish and reconstruct the building around the time of its 90th anniversary, its historical value as the symbol of The Sumitomo Group was prioritized. This resulted in a 2-year renovation of the building to preserve its appearance.
Through this renovation, the building was transformed into a modern office. It now features enhanced seismic resistance and disaster prevention capabilities, as well as video conference and audio-visual systems to support the daily operations of the bank staff.

Installed Systems and Services

●Audio-Visual System in Meeting Rooms
Approximately 90 large and small meeting rooms are furnished with projectors/large displays, which allow for screen sharing to smoothly and efficiently carry out meetings. Moreover, about 20 of these conference rooms are equipped with video conference systems, allowing users to connect to meetings in Tokyo, throughout Japan, and overseas.

●AV Support Room
We are contracted to allocate support members to the on-site AV Support Room so that they can provide equipment instructions and be available for urgent requirements in daily system operations.

Standardized and Simplified Audio-Visual Systems in Meeting Rooms

Regardless of the various sizes of the meeting rooms, we have standardized displays, PCs, video conference systems, racks, etc., to the maximum extent possible, so that all rooms share the same basic layout and system operation.
Apart from that, for meeting rooms with special specifications, we have installed intuitive touch panel controls, in order to provide simple, stress-free operation for the bank staff.

Standardized and Simplified Audio-Visual Systems in Meeting Rooms

Signage System with Rich Contents

We have introduced a signage system that visually displays menus in the cafeteria.
We have also placed signage with historical information on both sides of the reception area on the first floor. You can see the interior and exterior of the building as it appeared in 1926, along with images of the building in its current state.

Signage System with Rich Contents

Pictures by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,Totsu Sangyo Co., Ltd.
(reproduction or appropriation is prohibited).

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